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Design Story

Interview with Melike Saygili, Head of Design

Have you always wanted to know more about what goes on behind the scenes at Angels? Get insights and learn more about how a design is created?

Melike serves as the Head of Design at Angels. With her team, she designs and creates new trends, providing us all with more comfort in our everyday lives.

1. How did you come to Angels?

The brand Angels had been familiar to me for quite some time. Being originally from the area, I had always observed and followed the company's development. One day, I received a lucrative offer, and without much hesitation, I accepted the offer. The decision was perfect for me, and I find fulfillment in my job day by day.

2. What does the brand Angels mean to you?

Angels has become like a second family to me. We are small but mighty, with a very strong workforce behind us. There are flat hierarchies, and every employee is valued and heard. Equal opportunities and respectful interaction with all employees are highly emphasized.

Angels allows me to bring my visions and ideas to life, try out new things, and unfold freely. I greatly appreciate this trust and am grateful to be a part of Angels.

3. What particularly interests you about designing jeans/pants?

I am fascinated by the variety of silhouettes, combined with precision in fit. It allows for creative expression as well as technical exploration, enabling an individual and unique approach.

I love the creative process of modifying existing fits, giving the pants a new, modern look. Equally intriguing is the development of new silhouettes, both of which succeed in collaboration with good fit and cutting techniques.

4. How do you find inspiration for new designs?

One can draw inspiration from anything and everything. In everyday life, during travels, through art, architecture, while shopping, sitting in a café observing people, a phrase one reads, or from public figures/celebrities who make an impact.

What plays a significant role and greatly influences me is what is happening in the world and around me.

My creative flow is very individual and varies. On some days, I am inspired by everything around me, and ideas flow abundantly that I want to put on paper. On other days, nothing happens. During those times, I use my time wisely for administrative tasks that also need attention.

5. How are trend market researches conducted?

Market research for new trends is the exciting part of the design process.

This involves various store checks at luxury brands and references from leading creative websites such as WGSN. Inspirational trips, including those to New York, LA, Japan, and within Europe, are also crucial for us. Equally essential is the close contact with sales and the represented spaces.

6. Are you also involved in the conception of campaign shoots? How do such shoots proceed?

I am an integral part of the campaign shoot. These are planned and organized months in advance. It is important that the products are showcased in a way that highlights the fit, the cut, and the details while conveying the mood of the collection. Equally important is the selection of models that perfectly aligns with our campaign. We create pants for every woman and every body shape, and we want to reflect that diversity in our photos.

7. How often do we change a design or draft before it is finished?

The frequency varies from draft to draft. Sometimes, the implementation of a new design works right away, while for other designs, more refinement is needed until it's perfect.

Modifying existing shapes with new details is significantly easier than creating a completely new fit. It's essential that the fits complement the body, enhance the figure, and provide a high level of comfort.

8. How do you ensure the quality and fit of the pants? Are they tested beforehand?

Of course, we thoroughly assess all fits and qualities before they go into production. As the Angels brand, we stand for quality and precision in fit. Therefore, every item undergoes several quality checks before being included in the collection. The same applies to the fits—they go through several fittings and adjustments until we give the final 'GO' for production. Approval is granted only when the product fits perfectly.

9. How long does it take from the implementation of a design to delivery in Germany?

A complete design process takes between 7-9 months, depending on the collection (Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter) and the number of new creations it involves.

10. How long does it take to produce a batch of jeans, from the first to the last step?

That's an interesting question with multiple answers.

Firstly, I would need to know whether we are talking about denim pants or flat-woven pants. For example, flat-woven pants are sometimes not washed, whereas denim pants typically are.

Next, it's important to know the quantity we are discussing.

For approximately 1,000-1,500 pants, an average of 3-4 weeks is needed. To meet this timeframe, the goods, ingredients, cutting, and washing and/or dyeing approvals must be in place so that the process can begin promptly.

11. How do you decide which designs from previous seasons will be included in the new collection?

Decisive for this are the sales figures (purely what the buyers order) versus the sell-through numbers. However, one should not rely entirely on it.

For new models/fabrics, it may take a bit longer for them to establish themselves in the market and be accepted. Therefore, one should not give up immediately, especially if one believes in them.

12. What is the biggest difference for you between winter and summer?

The difference between summer and winter collections is not as pronounced as it used to be. We have many year-round items that we offer both in summer and winter.

In summer, we have wonderfully light and flowing fabrics that are perfect for warmer days. For example, linen looks, lightweight summer denim, shorts, and capris.

In winter, on the other hand, we have slightly thicker fabrics to ensure a well-dressed look on colder days. For instance, our winter denim, corduroy, and velvet.

13. What sets us apart from other denim brands?

We stand for quality, fit, and fair pricing. We remain true to ourselves while continually evolving. Whether it's our fits, fabrics, colors, or washes, we keep up with the times and trends without losing sight of our values. That's what defines us as a fashion brand.