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We take care

ANGELS cares – Made in Europe

"I am a European!"

That's every ANGELS jeans and pants for four decades! Design, pattern creation, production, and washing of every ANGELS jeans take place in Europe. All fabrics used are woven in Europe as well. The final quality control conducted in Germany helps secure jobs. Environmentally friendly production is carried out in accordance with strict European guidelines. This is how we can implement each collection with diversity and sustainable responsibility, ensuring quality satisfaction for our customers!


That's a new, resource-efficient washing process that doesn't use pumice stones. Instead, recycled plastic knots are used. With this method, ANGELS saves 50% of water per wash cycle and significantly reduces energy consumption.

Westcoast Denim

The new Westcoast Denim combines recycled polyester (rPET) and reused cotton. rPET is obtained by melting down existing plastic and spinning it into new polyester fibers. Reused cotton prevents the waste of cotton and is spun into new yarns from remnants of the yarn spinning process.

Lenzing Tencel

For the Tencel range, ANGELS exclusively relies on environmentally friendly and resource-efficient production of "Lenzing Tencel." Through an innovative closed-loop process, both raw material and energy usage are minimized.

Organic Cotton

Unlike conventional cotton, the use of organic cotton does not involve synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Organic cotton is grown following the guidelines of organic farming, which is more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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