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Our qualities at a glance

You've probably noticed that our selection of jeans and trousers is quite extensive, accompanied by a variety of different qualities. But how do you keep track of it all? At this point, we want to precisely explain to you what distinguishes each quality and how you can easily identify them. With this information, you'll be well-prepared to find your new favorite pair of jeans.

One Size Fits All (OSFA)

Our One Size clothing fits perfectly for sizes 36-44, thanks to its special material. With its high elasticity and freedom of movement, it ideally adapts to your figure, shaping it and retaining its fit. A top-quality choice to showcase your silhouette perfectly!

Vintage Denim

Discover an authentic jeans look with our Vintage Denim. With a slight stretch, it retains its shape without sagging, while also flattering your figure. And rest assured, comfort is never compromised!

West Coast Denim

Our sustainability champion: The West Coast Denim is crafted from recycled polyester and reused cotton. This creates the perfect denim look, combining Comfort Stretch with authenticity.

Power Stretch Denim

High elasticity and freedom of movement all day long: Our Power Stretch items adapt to your body, providing perfect support even after hours.

Authentic Cotton

Especially lightweight and perfect for summer: Our Authentic Sport Cotton feels incredibly comfortable on the skin and ensures optimal fit and high wearing comfort even on hot days.


Discover a unique denim look with our Coating Denim. Its coated surface not only makes it eye-catching but also ensures an optimal fit.

The Light One

This quality is a must-have on warm days: The Light One impresses with its ultra-light feel and plenty of freedom of movement.

Ring Denim

Our Clean Denim comes without washes and ensures high wearing comfort.

The Original

The Original: Here, the traditional jeans look presents itself in its original form. Thanks to optimal freedom of movement and a hint of stretch, the fit remains constant, without any bulging.

Baumwoll Sportiv

With a clean look and comfortable Comfort Stretch, these jeans accompany you all day without losing their shape or feeling tight.

Winter Cotton

Specially developed for the colder months, our Winter Denim not only provides exceptional warmth but also a pleasantly soft feeling against the skin. On cold days, it ensures optimal fit and highest wearing comfort.


The gentle cotton blend is distinguished by its outstanding wearing comfort. The stretch component ensures a perfect fit and maximum freedom of movement.

Sportiver Denim

A firm texture and optimal support: The Modern Classics is the perfect companion for cooler days. This quality provides you with optimal support without sacrificing freedom of movement.

Techno PA

Our Techno-Stretch quality stands out for its highest quality and outstanding stretchability, making it ideal for more elegant occasions. The fabric softly molds to the body and always retains its shape – even during intense movement.

Push Up Denim

For those looking to accentuate their figure, our Push Up Denim is the perfect choice. Thanks to its special material, these jeans hold the silhouette together and adapt to your body without being uncomfortable.