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We are ANGELS: innovative, sustainable & feminine.

We provide you with the perfect jeans and are not afraid to think outside the box. Join us on our journey and see for yourself what makes us so special!



Design Philosophy


We stand for quality, fit and a fair price. We remain true to ourselves and yet are constantly evolving. Whether it's our fits, qualities, colours or washes, we move with the times and trends without losing sight of our values. That's what makes us a fashion brand.


In the halls of ANGELS, creativity merges with precision. This is where the journey of our collections begins and ends under one roof. We are driven by our common spirit. At ANGELS, we are more than colleagues; we are fellow campaigners who stick together and stand for our vision of the best quality.


ANGELS creates trousers that accompany life. We not only stand for fashion, but also for a path to a better future - where garments tell stories, materials are chosen responsibly and collaboration means everything.



Did you know?

Our team is 80% female. Become a part of ANGELS.

"ANGELS was the first pair of jeans I bought with my own money. I was 15 at the time! The trousers won me over with their perfect fit and the short leg length option. I'm only 163 cm tall and there isn't as much choice with other brands, so I've been a loyal ANGELS wearer ever since. Incidentally, I am the in-house fit model, so the trousers are adjusted and produced after the fitting. So I am a part of Angels with heart and soul!"

- Silvia, Outlet Manager

"I discovered ANGELS 30 years ago and learnt to love it. Today, I not only work here, but also attend the fittings every now and then. That's how I know how well the trousers fit and which styles I still need for my wardrobe. Angels stands out from other trouser manufacturers with its great cuts, beautiful fabrics and wide range. Our outlet in Nagold is definitely an insider tip."

- Erika, Returns processing

"ANGELS is a smart company that has managed to establish itself as a renowned trouser specialist through years of intensive work. For me, ANGELS means having the chance to prove myself regardless of gender and age. ANGELS proves that fit and quality are paramount and at the same time has managed to bring modernity into the collection. Women will not only find basic shapes in the programme, but also fashionable highlights. We also attach great importance to fair dealings with partners. Working together instead of against each other."

- Lina, Chief Sourcing Officer

"For me, ANGELS is a down-to-earth company where everyone knows each other by their first names and appreciates each other. The cohesion among each other and in the individual teams is great. I've never experienced anything like it in any other company before. As a brand, we are definitely characterised by our fit. Followed by our unbeatable price-performance ratio and, of course, the sustainability aspect."

- Miriam, Teamlead Returns

"A few years ago, I happened to buy a pair of ANGELS jeans at a flea market and they are still one of my favourite jeans today. These jeans are now as old as I am, which speaks for the great quality. That's why it was clear to me right from the start: this brand has what it takes. The many other ANGELS jeans in my wardrobe that I have been able to get hold of since then speak for themselves."

- Vivien, Head of e-Commerce